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Abandoned Family

Episode Number:035 / 2.11
Production Number:71949
Show Number:A334
Air Date:02 December 1992
Writer:Rosalind Moore
Director:John Pasquin
Taping Date:


Jill is going to work and hasn't got time to look after the house, so Tim is going to take over the responsibilities for a while. He wants to do things his way even though they may not be as effective as Jill's. Jill was supposed to make a gingerbread house for the school PTA meeting but as she doesn't have time, Tim says he'll do it. But when he forgets the boys lunches, makes a gingerbread house which is inedible, and "improves" the dryer so it spins round the floor, it becomes too much for Jill. She wonders if she is not supposed to work, but Tim assures her that he can run the house; after all, the improvement he made to the washing machine did work. Maureen Binford tries to run Tool Time in a way Tim doesn't like again. This time she wants to make "The Bachelor Corner with Al" with helpful household hints for bachelors.



Tim AllenasTim Taylor
Patricia RichardsonasJill Taylor
Earl HindmanasWilson
Zachery Ty BryanasBrad Taylor
Jonathan Taylor ThomasasRandy Taylor
Taran Noah SmithasMark Taylor
Richard KarnasAl Borland

Guest Cast

Vicki LewisasMaureen Binford


ProducersGayle S. Maffeo, John Pasquin, Billy Riback
Created byCarmen Finestra, David McFadzean, Matt Williams
Executive ProducersCarmen Finestra, David McFadzean, Matt Williams
Supervising Producer Maxine Lapiduss
Associate Producer Frank McKemy
Executive Story Consultant Howard M. Gould
Executive Story Editor Howard J. Morris
Story Editor Susan Estelle Jansen
Executive Consultant Tim Allen
Director of Photography Donald A. Morgan
Production Designer David Sackeroff
EditorsAlex Gimenez, Marco Zappia
Associate Director Peter Filsinger
Stage Manager Shawn Shea
Original Music by Dan Foliart
Casting by Deborah Barylski, C.S.A.
Set Decorator Jeannie Gunn
Property Master Warren Shaffer
Script Supervisor Susan Straughn Harris
Production Coordinator Caterina Fiordellisi Nelli
CostumersNicole Gorsuch, Valerie Laven-Cooper
Make-up Wendy J. Weiss
Hair Stylist Maria Valdivia
Opening Design by Geoffrey Nelson
Post Production Supervisor Jim Praytor
Technical Director Chris Donovan
Audio Klaus Landsberg
Video Bob Kaufmann
Based on the Stand-Up Comedy of TIM ALLEN
© MCMXCII Touchstone Pictures and Television. All rights reserved
Wind Dancer Productions, Inc.
Touchstone Television
Distributed by Buena Vista International, Inc.

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