Images of the Cast of Home Improvement with the Home Improvement Archive title Crew Listings

Peter Bonerz


Episode NumberEpisode Title
119/5.19Eye on Tim
128/6.02Future Shock
135/6.09The Toolman Delivers
137/6.11Workin' Man Blues
141/6.15Totally Tool Time
142/6.16A Funny Valentine
149/6.23The Feminine Mistake
151/6.25The Kiss & the Kiss-Off
155/7.04Pump You Up
157/7.06The Niece
158/7.07Jill's Passion
162/7.11Bright Christmas
164/7.13An Older Woman
168/7.17Taking Jill for Granite
169/7.18Futile Attraction
170/7.19Desperately Seeking Willow
171/7.20The Write Stuff
175/7.24Tool-Thousand-One: A Space Odyssey
183/8.07Not So Great Scott
184/8.08Tim's First Car
185/8.09Mr. Likeable
186/8.10Thanks, But No Thanks
187/8.11Home for the Holidays
188/8.12Ploys for Tots
194/8.18Love's Labor Lost, Part I
195/8.19Love's Labor Lost, Part II
197/8.21A Hardware Habit to Break

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